2022 CPAQ Awards

Tidy Park Award

2022 Tidy Park Award

This award is designed to recognise those parks that have consistently immaculate presentation, regardless of the level of facilities they offer their guests.

The Tidy Park award allows CPAQ members to be recognised by their peers for their amazingly tidy park.

This award will be presented to a park owner/operator that has a beautifully presented caravan park that consistently gets positive guest feedback based on its presentation and cleanliness.

Who Should Apply?

Any park operator that has exemplary processes and procedures to ensure that their park is immaculately presented and guest feedback that shows that their park is the most Tidy Park in Queensland.

The Prize

The winner of this Award will receive:

  • The 2022 Tidy Park Award

  • Profile in an upcoming next edition of the Parkies Post

  • A blog on the team on the Caravanning Queensland consumer facing website

  • A feature on the Caravanning Queensland Facebook and Instagram pages

  • Recognition in the 2023 Queensland Caravan Parks Directory

Criteria used to determine the winner of this award

Judges are asked to determine how well the nominee has followed the instruction provided (e.g. have all of the questions been answered, and has the appropriate additional information been provided).

Each question, or piece of information requested, will be allocated a score (up to x points). Judges will score the answer of each question out of that score and give the nomination a total score out of 10 (with the overall score weighted more heavily than the other scores) - these scores will be added up and used to the determine a winner.

Questions for judging

  1. Park Name

  2. What have you done to create a culture in your business that ensures the park stays tidy? (worth up to 20 points)

  3. What processes do you employ to ensure your park is always tidy? (worth up to 15 points)

  4. What are the results for your business? (worth up to 15 points)

  5. What advice do you have for other park operators on having a tidy park? (worth up to 10 points)

  6. Anything else you would like the judges to know (worth up to 5 points)

  7. Provide the names of key staff who go above and beyond to keep the park tidy (If appropriate)

  8. Nominated By

  9. Nominators phone number

  10. Nominators email

Other information to be supplied

  • Maximum of 5 guests reviews noting the tidiness of the park (worth up to 10 points)

  • Maximum of 5 pieces of evidence showing the results on your business (worth up to 10 points)

  • Park logo - please supply as a JPG or PNG file (worth 5 points)

Please note, a nomination may be marked down if all of these items are not included.

Nominate Now!

Nominations are now open for the 2022 Tidy Park Award

Nominations closed on Monday 28 February 2022

Tips for answering the questions

With all nominations it is important that the judges can see clear empirical evidence of improvement, not just anecdotal evidence of the improvements. Empirical evidence makes it easy for a judge to justify their reasoning in terms of scoring each nomination.

What have you done to create a culture in your business that ensures the park stays tidy?

Culture is so important in ensuring outstanding service is a consistent expectation in your business. What do you do to ensure that great service is firmly entrenched in the culture of your business? Provide details and examples to showcase this commitment.

This is where you can include your "why", the reason you ensure your park is tidy every day of the year.

What processes do you employ to ensure your park is always tidy?

What processes and procedures do you have in place in your business to ensure that your park is always looking good? How do you communicate these with your team?

What changes have you made over time to ensure that these processes and procedures remain relevant and are suitable for your business.

What are the results for your business?

Clearly show the result this great service has had on the business. Focus on areas which can be measured. Look at any customer ratings on review sites including, but not limited to, TripAdvisor, WikiCamps, Booking.com, ReviewPro.

You may also be able to show results from a business perspective, review key metrics such as turnover, occupancy, and RevPAR and include appropriate examples of improvement in your submission.

What advice do you have for other park operators on having a tidy park?

This is a chance to share any learnings which other park operators could learn from.

Anything else you would like the judges to know

Is there anything else you would like the judges to know to assist them with the judging process?

It is important in any awards application to give as much information as possible and take every opportunity to showcase the achievements of the nominated team. Use this question to provide additional information, this may be why you are proud of the team, the impact it has had beyond guest reviews and financial results, what winning the award would mean to you or something else you feel is important for the judges to know.

Other information to be supplied

It is important that you include each of the items requested in the other information supplied section, this is a chance to get some easy points and in the past has been the difference between the winning nomination and the nomination that came second.

Maximum of 5 guests reviews noting the tidiness of the park

Guest feedback is an excellent way of showing that your park is consistently tidy, why not pull out your 5 best letters/emails and include them with your submission? Look at reviews or feedback that has been received over a prolonged period of time.

Maximum of 5 pieces of evidence of the results on your business

This is an opportunity to provide evidence of the improvement in your business. You may wish to include extracts of guest feedback, ReviewPro reports, occupancy or revenue reports for your park.

This information should tie into the results you outline in question 4 What are the results for your business?)

2021 Tidy Park Award Winner

BIG4 NRMA Atherton Tablelands Holiday Park

Whilst this park has 3 groundsmen whose responsibility it is to take care of the parks gardens and maintenance, all of their staff, including the housekeepers and reception staff, take immense pride in the Park, which shows in the park and is reflected in guests reviews.

Terms & Conditions

  • The nominee must be a current financial park member of Caravan Parks Association of Queensland.

  • Nominations for this award can be made by the nominee or any other individual that has enough insight into the business to make the nomination.

  • Nominations are made using the official online entry form.

  • CPAQ reserves the right to not present this Award if no nominee achieves a score of 70 or more.

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