2023 CPAQ Awards

Employee of the Year Award

2023 Employee of the Year Award

The Employee of the Year Award, proudly sponsored by Caravan Industry Association of Australia, recognises an employee from within the industry who consistently goes above and beyond during their work day.

The industry is home to many hardworking and dedicated employees across all sectors, and this award allows these individuals to be recognised for their commitment and contribution to the industry.

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Nominations close Monday 27 March 2023 (9am AEST)

Thanks to our Sponsor!

Caravan Industry Association of Australia is pleased to sponsor the 2023 Employee of the Year award.

Caravan Industry Association of Australia CEO, Stuart Lamont told us, “We are very proud to recognise these individuals for their commitment and contribution to the industry.  It is their hard work and commitment that ensures guests have a wonderful caravan and camping experience and return to our industry time after time.”

Caravan Industry Association of Australia is the peak national body for the caravanning and camping industry in Australia. The organisation operates as a not-for-profit with the vision ‘To lead and champion a safe, compliant and sustainable caravanning and camping industry in Australia’.

Who Should Apply?

Employers should consider nominating any employee who is making an impact in their business, and possibly even the industry.

This may be a groundskeeper who goes the extra mile to keep the grounds tidy, the front office staff member who has a special way of welcoming guests, the cleaner who has implemented a new process to benefit the business, the office manager who has a great way of encouraging the whole team to work together or any other staff member that you believe should be recognised for their amazing work.

Each nominee will receive a certificate of nomination, providing important recognition of their hard work.

The Prize

The winner of this Award will receive:

  • The 2023 Employee of the Year Award

  • A Delegate Ticket to the next CPAQ Conference

  • Attendance at the next Caravan Industry Association of Australia National Conference including return economy airfares, three nights accommodation at the conference venue

  • A Delegate ticket to the next Future Leaders Forum (if under 40 years of age)

  • Profile in an upcoming next edition of the Parkies Post

Criteria used to determine the winner of this award

Judges are asked to determine how well the nomination addresses the questions asked and the award criteria (e.g. have all of the questions been answered, and has the appropriate additional information been provided).

Each question, or piece of information requested, will be allocated a score (maximum score included with the question). Judges will score the answer of each question out of that score and give the nomination a total score out of 10 - these scores will be added up (maximum 100 points) and used to the determine a winner.

Questions for judging

  1. Nominee's Name

  2. Nominee's job title

  3. Park the nominee is employed by

  4. Date Employed by the Business

  5. About the Nominee (worth up to 20 points)

  6. How the nominee met and overcame the challenges of dealing with more exceptional circumstances? (worth up to 10 points)

  7. What has the nominee done in the last year to develop their skills or knowledge? (worth up to 10 points)

  8. Why the nominee should win this award? (worth up to 10 points)

  9. Is there anything else you would like the judges to know to assist them with the judging process? (worth up to 10 points)

Other information to be supplied

  • A photo of the nominee (worth 5 points)

  • Park logo - please supply as a JPG or PNG file (worth 5 points)

  • A minimum of one written reference or recommendation. At least one of these references from the nominee’s direct supervisor or manager (worth up to 10 points)

  • Copies of guest and/or peer feedback (worth up to 10 points)

Please note, a nomination may be marked down if all of these items are not included.

Nominate Now!

Nominations are now open for the 2023 Employee of the Year Award

Nominations close on Monday 27 March 2023

Tips for answering the questions

With all nominations it is important that the judges can see clear empirical evidence of how the answer addresses the question, not just anecdotal evidence.  Empirical evidence makes it easy for a judge to justify their reasoning in terms of scoring each nomination.

About the Nominee

Provide a short statement about the nominees career and career highlights. Outline of the nominee’s progression through the industry and contribution made during their employment.

Consider identifying measurable career highlights; be it financial (as a percentage is fine), operational (guest testimonials or increases in Net Promotor / review scores, or increase in social media engagement as an example), or initiatives that this individual has lead that would not have occurred without their input.

Some things to consider may include:

  • What capacity were they originally employed as?

  • How have they developed since first starting work?

  • What is their work ethic like?  This may include evidence they are a team player, friendly and generally happy

  • Examples showing that they good at interacting with your customers

How has the nominee met and overcome the challenges of dealing with more exceptional circumstances?

Working in a caravan park brings many challenges. This is an opportunity to show how the effective the employee is at dealing with exceptional circumstances, whether they be a challenging customer, an intricate project, a large group booking or something brand new that they have never had to deal with before.

Provide details of the circumstance and how the employee stepped up to deal with it. Don’t forget to include the final result!

What has the nominee done in the last year to develop their skills or knowledge?

Ongoing professional development can assist an employee to really shine in their role. Has the nominee completed any activities which have allowed them to develop their skills and knowledge?

This may be accredited training programs, micro-credentialing, or actively seeking out information to make themselves better at their job.

How has this skill/knowledge development helped them in their role or helped your park?

Why the nominee should win

Outline why the nominee would be a deserving winner of this award.  This is the opportunity to define the difference between a contributing member of the team and someone who is going above and beyond to build the park reputation and your business, and how the nominee is achieving this.  This is a great opportunity to provide examples of where the nominee has gone above and beyond.

Consider including examples of wider industry contribution (i.e. attending industry events, promoting the business at a trade show or event etc).

If the nominee is part of a team which has made a great achievement, please ensure that you specify the contribution of the nominee.

Anything else you would like the judges to know

Is there anything else you would like the judges to know to assist them with the judging process?

It is important in any awards application to give as much information as possible and take every opportunity to showcase the achievements of the nominee.  Use this question to provide additional information, this may be why the business is proud of the nominee, guest feedback about the nominee, what winning the award would mean to the nominee or something else you feel is important for the judges to know.

Other information to be supplied

It is important that you include each of the items requested in the other information supplied section, this is a chance to get some easy points and in the past has been the difference between the winning nomination and the nomination that came second.

Terms & Conditions

  • Nominations for this award can be made by the nominees employer or any other individual that has enough insight into the nominee to make the nomination.

  • Nominee must have been employed by a current financial park member of Caravan Parks Association of Queensland for a continuous period of no less than 18 months and must still be employed in the industry at the point of announcing the winner.  

  • Contractors of current financial members of Caravan Parks Association of Queensland are not eligible unless their company is directly responsible for the day to day running of the park.

  • Nominations are made using the official online entry form.

  • CPAQ reserves the right to not present this Award if no nominee achieves a score of 60 or more.

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